More about TreeWorld Wholesale

Treeworld Wholesale is the best tree source in South Florida with over 250 + varieties of trees!

At TreeWorld you can find the best trees, shrubs and palms to suit your landscaping needs.

Treeworld Wholesale is located in Homestead, Florida among the lush acreage of agricultural fields and tree / plant nurseries.

We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of native, floral, aromatic trees, palms and shrubs.

Our trees are healthy high quality container grown trees and they are ready for your next project.

If you would like to purchase from us please visit our main office location at 24605 SW 192nd Ave Homestead, FL 33031.

We will ensure that each customer benefits from a vast knowledge base suggestions and years of experience in the industry from Guillermo and his employees.

Furthermore, at TreeWorld Wholesale we make a great effort to share our knowledge through our different communication channels, about the various attributes and characteristics of trees; to encourage informed decisions when trees are planted and installed during landscaping projects.

Clusia Rosea at TreeWorld Wholesale

Clusia Rosea also known as Pitch Apple Flower at Tree World "your best tree source"

Clusia Rosea also known as Pitch Apple Flower

Our Team

Our best asset is our incredible human team, this is the resource we pride to harvest the most, knowing that every smile makes the difference.

Because the  small gestures are the ones that go a long way.

This may be one of our best secrets, the relationships we build, not only among ourselves but with what we do and of course why we do it.

We provide an exhaustive list of the trees we carry for you to examine, making TreeWorld Wholesale the best tree source in South Florida for trees, shrubs, and palms!