Bombax Ceiba

The Bombax ceiba tree is a tropical climate tree, which has a straight and slender trunk. It has deciduous leaves that loses in winter. Red flowers with 5 petals, which appear in the spring, before the leaves come out. When they open the husks of the fruits have cotton-like fibers.

Its trunk has thorns in order to defend itself against the attacks of animals. Its trunk at first glance looks good as a source of wood, however its wood is too soft for this purpose.

The cotton in the shells was used as a substitute for true cotton. Its flowers are one of the ingredients that are included in Chinese herbal tea.

Used for its cellulose fibers, whose central cavity is filled with air, which gives the material great buoyancy (for example for filling life jackets).

Common Name: Red Silk – Cotton Tree Origin: Asia, Australia
Plant Type: Deciduous
Flowering Season: February – March

Leaf Color: Bright Green

Flower Color: Red

Size: 200 Gal, 100 Gal, 50 Gal, 25 Gal

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