Care Of The Acer Rubrum

Leaf Acer Rubrum Maple, Acer Rubrum (Red Maple)

Acer Rubrum also known as American Red Maple or Canada Maple is one of the most widespread trees in eastern North America, where it originated. It belongs to the family of the Aceraceae and is a tree of moderate to rapid growth.
It is a tree that adapts to acid soils as neutral, preferably clayey and humid. With regard to irrigation, it must be frequent, avoiding puddles. So you must have good drainage to develop properly.

The American Red Maple supports the cold very well, being able to tolerate frost. Lighting is key so that this tree can develop in optimal conditions. For this reason, it is necessary to plant this species in a place where the greatest amount of sunlight can be absorbed during the day. Being a very strong tree resists various pests and fungi. It is multiplied by means of cuttings


The sap that is collected is effective to produce a syrup of maple or sugar, but less sweet than that of the sugar maple. However, the leaves are extremely toxic. This tree thanks to its spectacular reddish hue is considered a very cultivated species to give that distinct and very striking autumnal touch. So it can be part of an ornamental element individually, or, in groups, either in gardens or parks.

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