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    Get all your South Florida and Caribbean palm tree needs met at our place

    TreeWorld Wholesale grows and sells all of the Florida native palms under cultivation as well as a large number of the more than 2,000 species of palms from around the world. Whether your landscaping project needs a large specimen palm or several smaller palms, you can get them here.

    About Us

    Wholesale trees in Florida near you

    TreeWorld Wholesale is a high-quality wholesale treefarm nursery located in Homestead, Florida, covering over 150 acres of carefully cultivated land. The nursery specializes in providing a wide range of trees that have been handpicked to flourish in the tropical and subtropical climates of South Florida and the Caribbean. All trees have been carefully nurtured from their earliest stages, to offer exceptional specimens.

    With over 20 years of experience,TreeWorld Wholesale is highly regarded by tree enthusiasts, botanists, landscape architects, and homeowners for its exceptional tree specimens, quality service, and sustainability practices.


    TreeWorld Wholesale – Tree nursery with a wide selection of trees

    Looking for trees, shrubs, and palms for South Florida and the Caribbean?

    Welcome to Your South Florida and Caribbean Tree, Shrub, and Palm Headquarters!

    Treeworld Wholesale – the Florida tree nursery offers a selection of over 300 trees, shrubs, and palms, both native and non-native trees, that include a wide range of categories such as floral, exotic, shade, and fragrant trees. Ready to be set up as focal points and a great assortment to build privacy hedges and windbreaks in the area. Guaranteeing a diverse range of options to choose from for any upcoming landscape project.

    We have hundreds of species of trees in our South Florida tree farm. Several of these are suitable for the Caribbean as well. Continued research efforts show us what species of trees, and in what size, will be needed in the future. We then plant more of those trees so they will be available to you when you need them

    The shrubs grown at our nursery are the healthiest in the area because of how they are grown. Shrub scouts sustainably gather seeds and cuttings

    TreeWorld Wholesale grows and sells all of the Florida native palms under cultivation as well as a large number of the more than 2,000 species

    A tree takes a long journey from seed or cutting to a finished, landscape worthy winner. That journey begins when our tree scouts search the

    Finally, not sure what to put in that spot? Contact our helpful sales people and they can help you out.

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      We grow sustainable, native and non-native seeds at our own nursery.

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      Variety of species to choose from. Ideal for South Florida and the Caribbean.

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      We grow trees perfect for any location. Homes, commercial buildings, parks and more.

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      Our great team will be ready to help you whenever you need it. Just a call away.

    Sustainable seeds

    Growing out seed sustainably collected from the wild means you can find almost any species of South Florida native tree you need at our nursery. We also grow non-native species that are in great demand. Our trees are grown for home landscapes, parks, commercial buildings, or any where else that needs a tree to complete it.

    We're glad to help

    We provide an exhaustive list of the trees we carry for you to examine. You can then fill out a request for a quote and one of our sales team will contact you to discuss your needs.

    Tree of the Month

    Pimenta Racemosa
    Bayrum Tree

    Pimenta Racemosa - Bayrum tree of the month

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