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A Typical Day At Our Tree Farm (TreeWorld) Looks?

Typical Day At TWW

It’s an everyday occurrence to have customers visit TreeWorld and ride the golf carts around with our office manager; in order to get a better look at the gorgeous trees. They see the result of our attentive staff and many write feedback to us stating their good impressions during their visit here at TreeWorld Wholesale!

<h2> Our Customers</h2>

We have customers that drive here from Naples, Key west, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando …and on occasion out of state. We are always up to show off the product of our work. As we many times notice,  while posting on our Social Media accounts and on our website our focus is on sharing the specimen; trees, flowering trees and the fields of tree halls that fill our 8 locations.

TreeWorld Bulnesia Arborea Specimen

Nonetheless, we would like to shift that focus today so this post is solely to portray the “back of house work”. This is work that is going on day in and day out in our farm. These pictures may not be pretty or capture your attention for too long, but they are very meaningful to us; as they show the little jobs that result in the lushes green farms on which we often get congratulations. Enjoy!

TreeWorld caesalpinia granadillo (BridalVeil Tree)

<h2> Our Employees at TreeWorld</h2>

Our employees arrive here at 7 am …an hour before the main offices opens! In the mornings they discuss the tasks that they want to complete for the day; and in a couple of minutes you see them all heading to get the job started.

Some have time to walk the fields and check for loose water hose lines leading to each tree; to make sure that they are each getting the nutrients and the water they require. Meanwhile, another group of our workers divide up the halls of trees evenly and they tackle the weeds growing from each container together. At each location we also have some strong men ready to load the orders for the day!

At the main office location we have our green house were you catch the new red leaf saplings that sprouted from the very seeds that were washed, prepared and planted here. While all of this is going on, others are busy filling pots of prepared soil to transplant over 200 trees. It’s a process that never stops and one thing builds on the work of the last. It is great to have such dedicated people here!

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