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Bulnesia Arborea (Verawood Tree)

Bulnesia Arborea – Verawood or Maracaibo Lignum-Vitae – as the tree of much of northern South America, in the area of the Guianas of Venezuela, Colombia, and Guyana. However, sometimes in the international market it is the “Paraguay lignum vitae” since its properties and uses are similar to Guayacan, a tree of the genus Guaiacum.

It grows on the edges of roads, roads and rivers, and in the interior of dry, subdry and thorny forests.


Wood of Bulnesia Arborea is common in civil and naval constructions, turnery, railway sleepers;  although it is also an ornamental plant in gardening. Additionally, this tree is also for engravings and when a durable wood is needed; although for this last use it’s wood must be freshly cut, since when it dries it becomes extremely hard.

Moreover, from the wood they extract guaiac oil (or guaiacol) which is a popular perfume ingredient. Also its resin, is great to make varnish and dark paints.

Furthermore it popular for its protective properties of human skin with its essence. And it produces good charcoal and high quality beams, which ignites easily, producing a fragrant smoke.

Landscape Uses

The Verawood tree is an attractive tropical flowering tree with brilliant yellow flowers present for several months. Landscaping applications include under power lines or along streets.  You can also use Verawood as a specimen tree, accent tree or shade tree. It can be placed in a small yard or park. You should allow for its spreading habit. Interestingly, Verawood is related to the Guaiacum Lignum vitae.


The Bulnesia Arborea (Verawood tree) is an endangered species (EN A2ac). Mostly, because 60% of the localities where the species is from regions that fall into and areas of intense timber extraction. Such as the departments of Atlántico and La Guajira in Colombia (South America).

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