The Importance of Flowers and Trees

Flowers and trees is perhaps one of the best combinations. It is safe to say that the world of plants can be split into those which produce flowers and those that do not. Flowering plants, the angiosperms, are the most abundant and familiar plants on earth. They occur in habitats from Polar Regions to deserts, and include trees, shrubs, vines, herbs and grasses. The nonflowering plants, gymnosperms, include conifers and cycads which bear cones containing seeds. It is safe to say that all flowering plants produce seeds, but not all seed-producing plants bear flowers.

<h2>Flowers and Trees: Reproductive Structures </h2>

Flowers are the reproductive structures that produce new plants. Trees reproduce by producing flowers, by self pollination or cross- pollination, mostly by insects, animals or wind, and develop fruits bearing seeds. In addition to sexual reproduction, some trees, also naturally reproduce vegetatively by producing basal offshoots, others are prompt to resprout from their trunk when cut; and for many propagation is from woody cuttings. Whatever the case, the tree produces flowers.