General Use Of Trees and Impact

General Use Of Trees
Have you ever wondered how the general use of trees became relevant? In the middle of the 19th Century, when American settlers moved west into the Kansas Territory. Finding a vast prairie grassland with only a few trees in the river valleys. As settlers received plots of land free from the federal government to establish farms or ranches. Settlers mostly came from farther east in the USA where trees were plentiful in the landscape. Reason why,  tree planting became a common practice in the establishment of the new homestead; to some extent to replicate where they came from. However, the settlers where also thankful for the general value and usefulness of trees in their everyday life.

<h2> General use of trees, as a primary source </h2>

Local wood sources in Kansas for building construction, fencing, firewood and other purposes, encountering various limitations. Planting trees by