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How Trees Communicate


Ever wonder how trees communicate? Now, thanks to the research of the forest ecologist Suzanne Simard, that talks about how  plants interact and communicate with each other. We have a main idea of how it works. Affirming, on communication through an underground network of fungi; which unites the plants along with the surrounding ecosystem.

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First and foremost, we should define what symbiosis means, and according to the Merrian Webster dictionary. To sum up, it is the living together in more or less intimate association or close union; clearly of two dissimilar organisms (as in parasitism or commensalism). 

Reason why, Simard, of the University of British Columbia, in Canada, explains that it is a symbiosis. In which, consequently, plants contribute to the development and mutual growth. Resulting in forest biodiversity in different regions of the world. First, this important discovery was during the microscopic observation of small bands of white and yellow fungi; common in the forest floor. And second, with the help of careful observation, they encounter how the fungi connects to the roots of the tree. Clearly, is thanks to that connection they manage to exchange carbon, water and nutrients.

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Moreover, in the words of Simard, “The big trees provide subsidies to the youngest through this network of mushrooms. Furthermore, without this help, most seedlings would not develop.” In other words, the oldest, and largest trees fall under the category of “mother plants.” Additionally, they are responsible for the management of the resources of a community of plants through the fungi.

Consequently,”This connection is so strong that when a tree of this size is cut, the survival rate of the youngest members of the forest or jungle reduces drastically. The connection between the plants is comparable to the synapses of human neurons.”

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