Learning Proper Plant Placement for Gorgeous Commercial Landscaping

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of planting trees and shrubs on a commercial property? That it is not that big a deal? All you need to do is get some tropical flowering trees and pleasant-looking shrubs, stick them in the ground, and water them as needed. They will grow just right! But what if we told you there is more to it.

If you plant them too close together or choose the wrong spot, they will grow to give an overcrowded feel. Additionally, they may also get infected with disease, and some may wither. All this sums up to a disastrous commercial landscape, making you look bad. It is crucial to understand the art and science of plant placement. These commercial landscape design tips will definitely help, making you look good!

For Low Maintenance

Not all plants, shrubs, and trees work well together. Those with similar water and light needs should be placed together for the best results. For example, if a sun-loving plant is placed next to a shade-loving plant, the growth of one will be affected.

Smart planning while planting will ensure peace of mind and a scenic landscape later.


For Long-Term Growth

Trees and shrubs need space to grow. Placing them too close together for an instant garden feel is not a good idea. Always consider future growth and provide enough space, whether it is a tropical flowering tree or an evergreen tree.

You also want to ensure that trees are not planted too close to the building because few years down the road, their growth may start tampering with the structure. The roots of trees can grow three times their crown’s width, damaging sidewalks or underground pipes. So, the oversight comes with an extra expense.

For Curb Appeal

Choosing plants that bloom throughout the seasons at different times will lend a great curb appeal to the commercial property, irrespective of the time of the year.

We will help you pick the best trees, palms, and shrubs for an all-year-round curb appeal and a landscape with a colorful, eye-catching, and multi-seasonal look.

For Safety

If the shrubs grow too big, they start blocking the sight lines for vehicles, obscuring security cameras, and interfering with pedestrian traffic. We are familiar with the growing habits of shrubs and trees and will recommend just the right ones for your commercial landscaping needs. So, if you are screening trees in South Florida, do get in touch with us.

At Treeworld Wholesale, you will find a wide selection of sustainably raised trees, palms, and shrubs for every landscape project. If you want recommendations, we will be happy to help!

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