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Non-native but performing up to the expectations!

Trees Non-native to south florida but performing to the expectations and beyond!

Pimenta Racemosa (Bayrum Tree)  Caesalpinia Granadillo and Guiacum Officinale are non native but are perfoming beyond expectations in South Florida.

Something in what we can all agree is that south Florida is one of the best places to live in!  As, the sunshine state is fairly attractive, mainly thanks to the weather, with over 200 sunshine-filled days a year, Florida offers outsiders the perfect environment. That is why we’ve decided to make a list of those non-native species that have made themselves at home and perform beyond our expectations!

The perfect Hedge! Pimenta Racemosa (Bayrum Tree)

Our first runner up, native to the Caribbean, is the Pimenta Racemosa (Bayrum Tree) which is the perfect fit for many of the houses, it not only offers an exceptional foliage, but it makes one of the best natural privacy hedges!

bayrum tree (pimenta racemosa)

With a moderate growth rate and is considered strong, and wind-resistant, making the requirements of a perfect Florida shield. Also, this tree has few pests which makes it a top choice for any garden.

Foliage as mentioned above is quite breathtaking, it has dark green, leathery, glossy above dull below, entire, obovate in leaves. That are also highly aromatic, permeating the outdoor with a distinct sweet and spicy note once crushed. Revealing smooth grayish to light brown bark, which peels off to a pinkish under bark.

Something more than shade,  Caesalipinia Granadillo (Bridal Veil)

Caesalipinia Granadillo (Bridal Veil) at treeworld wholesale

Next on our list of foreigners, Caesalipinia Granadillo (Bridal Veil), native to Venezuela. Which thanks to its attributes and characteristics it is a match for Florida.

The Bridalveil tree is known for the delicate foliage pattern that resembles a woven mantle with the finest and most delicate stitches; since its small leaves are intertwined creating this illusion. This fine texture is the trait that continuously amazes homeowners in south Florida. Especially when its tiny yellow blooms appear during the summer and last until winter.

But Caesalipinia Granadillo (Bridal Veil) aside from being aesthetically incredible; it is perfect for generating shade. Especially thanks to the fact that it grows in the form of a conical container and allows an enviable spread, creating a pleasant canopy with its delicate foliage! Making it the ideal candidate for house entrances, promenades, gardens and parks. Besides, its leaves and flowers don’t produce much waste and roots are not invasive. Therefore, in many cases, it is also perfect for sidewalks, parking lots and parking islands.

A garden centerpiece! Guaiacum Officinale (Lignum vitae)

guaicum officinale (tree of life) at treeworld wholesale

Last but not least, the Guaiacum Officinale (Lignum vitae)! That literally means “tree of life.” Because definitely this moderate size tree, with fine yellow-green, compound leaves have a special place in our hearts!

And it’s not easy to say if it’s because of its perfect round crown that makes this tree look like the bom-bom. Or is it because when is blooming season for the Guaiacum it covers up with the most mesmerizing cerulean blue flowers, which remain for long periods, fading to a lighter shade with time. Creating a ravishing effect with its multiple tones!

This Caribbean native is definitely a showstopper and makes the perfect accent tree for patios and garden, or even in a container. And thanks for its high salt tolerance its perfect for seaside locations and along roads!

Contact us at TreeWorld

This was just a small preview off some of the non-natives that are here to stay! At TreeWorld Wholesale we have 300+ options of native and plenty of non-native but performing up to the expectations; for you to choose from. So, if you have any further questions or are considering any other species for your yard; please do not hesitate to contact us!

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