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Acacia Seyal Specimen known as Red Acacia TreeWorld WholesaleAcacia Seyal Specimen known as Red Acacia TreeWorld Wholesale

Acacia Seyal

Red Acacia


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Acacia Seyal (Red Acacia) is a medium to large-sized evergreen thorny tree. It can reach a height of 50 feet (15.24 m), but in cultivation is smaller. It has a thick trunk up to 2 feet (ca. 61 cm) in diameter and branches with smaller curved spines. Acacia casts medium shade owing to its “umbrella-shaped” crown. Its crown is flat and open on top. Its embellished with rust-colored powdery bark, and large spines. The dark green leaves are bipinnate and 3 to 4 inches (10.16 cm) long. Single leaflets are about .5 inch (12.7 cm) long.

Moreover, the showy flowers are borne on stems. Fragrant yellow flowers bloom on a rounded head. Each bloom measuring about half an inch in diameter. The light brown fruits are hard dry pods. Measuring 4 inch (10.16 cm) to 6 inch (15.24 cm) by .5 inch (12.7 cm) when mature. Pods contain several seeds, used for propagation. Seed pods and bark contain tannin.

Apart from this, Seyal exudes a gum. The gum and bark have medicinal uses, while the wood has many historic uses. The wood is also used for fuel. Livestock feed on the bark, leaves, and fruits.  Red acacia also attracts bees thus its “honey tree” status.  The tree is self-seeding or grows from root suckers. In cultivation, red acacia is a hardy tree that grows in poor soils and withstands periodic flooding. It develops a deep taproot. As an ornamental tree, red acacia is a good accent tree with its attractive foliage and yellow flowers. Take caution when planting this tree, protect yourself from the large spines.

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