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Erythrostemon Mexicanus

Mexican Holdback

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Erythrostemon Mexicanus (Mexican Holdback) is a small tree typically about 15 feet tall but can be twice that mature. It may also grow as a large shrub, in order to maintain the desired shape pruning is necessary; besides it also stimulates flowering promoting vigorous growth.

The crown is moderately dense, round, usually spreading to 1/2 to 1/3 its height. Evergreen leaves are alternate, bipinnate with round leaflets about 2 inches long. Moreover, the flowers are borne on terminal spikes, and 3 to 6 inches long, bearing clusters of yellow. The fragrant flowers which persist for several months and attract hummingbirds.

Furthermore, the fruits are dry, hard, pale green then brown, somewhat curled pods 3-6 inches long containing several seeds. Propagation of the tree is through seeds. In cultivation, Erythrostemon Mexicanus (Mexican Holdback) grows well on a variety of soil types providing they are well-drained and has no pests affections. The plant needs trimming to achieve and maintain a tree form. The attractive leaves and showy blooms make this a good choice to grow near a patio or deck, in above ground planters, and as an accent or specimen tree. It is also a great choice as a hardy, colorful shrub border or parking lot buffer strip.

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All Year

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High Drought Tolerance

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High Salt Tolerance

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Evergreen, Flowering


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