Peltophorum Pterocarpum (Copperpod)


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Peltophorum Pterocarpum (Copperpod), resembles the closely related Yellow Poinciana, Peltophorum Dubium.

The tree commonly reaches a height of 40 feet and has an open umbrella-shape crown that spreads as wide as the tree is tall; and stems and twigs have a rusty-red hair. Also, leaves are delicate, alternate, bipinnate, green about 2 feet long with 8-20 pairs of oblong feathery leaflets each 3/4 inch long. Besides, flowers are borne in upright clusters which smother the canopy in a showy yellow blanket of fragrant blooms. Individual blooms are about 1- 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Fruit is long, dry, hard pod 3-6 inches long and ripening to a wine-red coppery color; containing several seeds, which are used for propagation.

In Asia, Peltophorum Pterocarpum (Copperpod) wood has several uses including cabinet-making, while leaves and pods are food fo livestock. The tree can grow in a range of soil types, providing they are well-drained. Besides, it benefits from pruning to achieve and maintain a desirable shape.

Copperpod is a popular landscape tree, perfect for providing shade, making it is a perfect choice for parks or gardens as an accent tree. Also, along streets and avenues, in parking lots, as well as in xerophytic gardens. It’s important to take into consideration that the tree generates a moderate quantity of litter.

Other Names:Yellow Flame Tree

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Tropical Asia, Australia

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Moderate Salt Tolerance

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High Drought Tolerance

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Fast Growth Rate

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Full Sun to Partial Shade

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Wide Canopy

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