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Polygala Cowellii (Violet tree)FlowerPolygala Cowellii (Violet tree)Flower

Polygala Cowellii

Violet Tree


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Polygala Cowellii (Violet tree) is a moderately-large tree, native to Puerto Rico, that typically reaches 15 – 40 feet in height but it can be taller.

Furthermore, it has an upright moderately dense crown of irregular shape and branching; and the bark is gray, smooth to slightly fissured. Also, leaves are alternate, smooth and leathery, elliptical, yellowish green, shiny above dull beneath; they measure 2 – 5 x 1 – 2 1/2 inches, and have short stem.

Like many deciduous tropical flowering trees, it flowers when the leaves fall. Flowers are a violet purple, almost 3/4 inch across and profuse, and borne in short lateral clusters. Additionally the fruit is a flat capsule 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 inches long with 2 rounded wings, 1 large, the other small, containing 1 or 2 seeds, which are used for propagation.

In habitat, Polygala Cowellii (Violet tree) grows on hillsides in limestone soils with good drainage. There is not enough information about the science of this species. But it has obvious landscaping applications with its attractive foliage and showy colorful flowers making it an excellent accent or specimen tree for gardens, lawns and parks as it provides a spark of color while displaying a handsome foliage.

Violet tree is endemic to and endangered in the wild in puerto rico.

Additional information

Common Name

Violet Tree

Florida Native


Drought Tolerance

Moderate Drought Tolerance

Growth Rate

Slow Growth Rate

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