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Vitex Cymosa (Taruma Tree)Vitex Cymosa (Taruma Tree)

Vitex Cymosa


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Vitex Cymosa (Taruma Tree) is endemic to Panama and South America occurring in lowland tropical moist forests. In habitat it may reach a height of 65 feet or more. However, in cultivation it is much smaller, 15 to 20 feet. The trunk is straight and cylindrical with a corrugated base. Taruma has low branches and the trunk is about 20 to 35 inches in diameter. The crown is round, somewhat flattened and dense. In addition, the bark is gray and moderately rough. Also, the green leaves are palmate with 5 leaflets, overall 2 to 4 inches long and 1.5 to 2.4 inches wide.

Furthermore, the flowers are purple to lavender, borne at branch ends in groups of 8 to 20, each bloom cup-like and .5 inch in diameter. Flowers attract bees, and flowering occurs when the tree has dropped its leaves. Plum-shape fruits occur in clusters, greenish color, 1.75 inch, aromatic and with sweet edible pulp tightly bound to the seed. Seed propagated. Wood of good quality, moderately heavy, durable, suitable for plywood, furniture, etc. In cultivation, plant in moist soils; tree tolerates periodic inundation. Vitex Cymosa (Taruma Tree) is an excellent shade species with spectacular showy flowers. The tree is under threat in the wild because of habitat loss.

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