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Every time we load a Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis) I get excited about the outcome of the Landscape Design where this giant is required! For some is risky and bold, but it is a breathtaking addition. Because there is nothing subtle about this massive tree with broad green leaves and a  canopy spread that opens out with its massive limbs and prop roots. Reaching up to 300 feet, one of the largest canopies in the world! Besides the tree itself can grow to a height of 100 feet…

And is that the Banyan tree begins life as an epiphyte on a host tree, and typically seeds are deposited and dispersed by birds. So when the aerial roots reach the ground, they form separate but connected trees. All in one banyan tree!  Becoming a small forest on its own,  once numerous new trunks are formed.

Featuring an irregular crown with dense foliage. Loaded with leathery, shiny green ovate leaves; which are  smooth above and velvety below, and measure 5 to 10 inches long.

So here I am dreaming  about the landscape project where theses trees are heading, with only one certainty the 300 and 200-gallon Banyans are destined to kiss the sky.

Ficus Benghalensis - Banyan Tree - Loading

And after a hard day loading these colossal trees, seeing them lying down in line waiting to hit their destination. I’m only left to say a big thanks to South Coast Growers for trusting us on the job!

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