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With days getting hotter and humidity higher, can all agree we need some shade in our lives even in the ‘sunshine state’. So, here at TreeWorld, we’ve decided to make a top 8 of the best shade trees for south Florida or Florida in general

Lorito Tree (Pithecellobium Arboreum)

Pithecellobium Arboreum (Lorito Tree)_

Strikingly beautiful! The Pithecellobium Arboreum, also known as the Lorito or Cojoba tree has a place near our hearts. This evergreen is well-known for having one of the most impressive foliage. As the green leaves of this evergreen are delicate, fern-like arranged alternately. Forming a wide, round, spreading but moderately dense crown. Letting in just the perfect amount of sun.

Furthermore, the Lorito tree features a dark scaly bark, small inconspicuous white pea-shaped flowers, and fruits that form striking red swirl seedpods. Making it an outstanding addition to a landscape design.

Royal Poinciana (Delonix Regia)

Delonix Regia - Royal Ponciana, Flamboyant - Specimen - G - W

One of the most recognized flowering trees in South Florida and Miami, is the royal poinciana! Which is not only famous for its beautiful flowering habit but its large umbrella-like canopy. That during summertime is covered with the showy red or yellow flowers, depending on the variation. The Royal poinciana is suited for landscape use on the seaside, as a garden or park summer-flowering tree, street tree, or specimen tree.

Southern Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana)

Quercus Virginiana (Southern Live Oak)

With dramatic arching branches, the Southern Live Oak might have already won a special place when it comes to shade trees. With an outstanding spread that is often wider than the tree is tall (approx. 60 ft) this long-lived makes for significant shelter. Furthermore, the Quercus Virginiana is not only considered to be a large tree in south Florida but it’s also incredibly strong making it a hurricane-resistant tree.


West Indies Mahogany (Swietenia Mahogani)

West Indies Mahogany (Swietenia Mahogani)_

Reaching up as high as 75 feet, the West Indies Mahogany is a large tree! Although its average size is 30 to 40 feet. With a round, open canopy, that tends to produce large fairly low branches. Featuring dark green leaves, with new purple flush. Due to its size, the Swietenia Mahogani is recommended for open spaces such as parks and gardens where it makes a great light shade tree.  Besides its considered a fast-growing tree for south Florida.

Monkey Pod Tree (Samanea Saman)

Samanea Saman - Monkey Pod Tree_

Large, mythical, and unique! The samanea saman is a tree with a lot of magic within.  This semi-deciduous tree grows up to 100 feet in height. And features a large, umbrella-like, symmetrical spreading crown. Which is often as wide as the tree is tall. Leaves are compound and bipinnate and they fold up in the evening and on rainy days, hence the common name. During summer pompom-like pink flowers cover the trees canopy, becoming even more irresistible.

In landscaping, it makes an excellent street tree and an accent tree for parks and gardens.

The Verawood Tree (Bulnesia Arborea)

Bulnesia Arborea - Verawood, Maracaibo Lignum-Vitae - Specimen

Because life is better in bright yellow, colors! The Bulnesia Arborea (Verawood Tree) is one of our favorite shade trees. Of moderate size, it can reach up to 50 feet. And a spreading, dense, finely branched crown, which can be wider than the tree is tall. That lights up with the most adorable, brilliant bright blooms that are present for several months.

Shady Lady (Bucida Buceras)

BBucida Buceras - Shady Lady - Flower

Also known as the black olive, the Bucida Buceras is a well-known evergreen! With a pyramidal crown that becomes, dense, full, round, and flat with time.  The shady lady is perfect for providing shade and lawns and along streets without sidewalks

Bridalveil (Caesalpinia Granadillo)

aesalpinia Granadillo - Bridal Veil - Specimen

Finally on our list is one of our top trees and our favorite for promenades! The Caesalpinia granadillo (bridalveil) in Florida has earned its place among landscapers. Thanks to its embroidery-like delicate foliage, attractive bark, and delicate but fiercely strong structure.

Other shade trees that you might want to check out our Caesalpinia Ferrea (Leopard Tree), Gumbo Limbo (Bursera Simarouba), and the Red Maple (Acer Rubrum)

But, If you still don’t know which shade tree will suit you best, check out our guide on 3 tips to pick the right tree for your landscape! Or contact us, we will be glad to help picking your best south florida shade trees