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There is definitely nothing more pleasant than being able to admire beauty in its rawest state – the Ceiba. This is part of what I wanted to build with my legacy, with TreeWorld, and my complete love and devotion for nature.

the ceiba at treeworld

Ceiba Pentandra AKA Kapok Tree

When I mention a raw state, I just want to convey the idea of how we can raise to the highest point a specimen of nature that is the Ceiba Pentandra otherwise known as the Kapok Tree. With a large buttressed trunk that sets into the ground with heavy but sculptural roots, building up a large trunk that can reach up to 200 feet in our wildest dreams! Although during its young stage the bark is green as this tree matures the bark evolves into brown and silvery; highlighting the conical large spines that only add greatness to its presence.

Kapok Tree

Branches are large and horizontal and living high on this tree. Giving the crown a flat appearance and allowing this beauty to cast the most incredible shade. Although you must know that the Kapok Tree is deciduous during the dry season; losing its particular palmate leaves to embellish its branches with whitish-yellow to pink flowers!

This is not an easy specimen to describe, and my words fall short when trying to project its magnitude and beauty. In an effort of portraying, it I want to borrow words from “The Book of Chilam” in its poem CEIBA (Kapok Tree)

The Ceiba

…and the first white tree arose in the north,

and the arch of the sky arose:

the first black tree came,

and the first yellow tree

and the great Mother Ceiba arose,

admist the memories of the earth:

she sat down, very straight,

and raised her crown requesting eternal leaves.

And with her branches and

her roots she called to her lord.


welcoming the ceiba

‘Welcoming the Ceiba’ – Kapok Tree

With this, I just want and hope to witness something as mythical as what was told by those wise by nature of those who came before us!

engineering for the ceiba

Further along, the lines let me tell you that bringing this beauty home was no easy task as it requires a lot of engineering and strength; including a tow truck and a crane to maintain it steady and plant it! Lots of ability, patience, and persistence in root pruning. To preserve and guarantee the outcome of installing a tree of this magnitude and age.

Of course, this cannot end without a much-needed thank to Walter from Green Integrity’s; who is always willing to lend a helping hand with all the occurrences and madness my heart dictates