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Healthy shrubs provide lasting beauty in the landscape

Start your project with the healthiest shrubs available in South Florida or the Caribbean.

The shrubs grown at our nursery are the healthiest in the area because of how they are grown. Shrub scouts sustainably gather seeds and cuttings from native shrubs and bring them to us. We place them in a growing medium that is carefully mixed for that species of shrub. With careful watering and the delivery of the right nutrients, the seeds and cuttings get a good start.

Only the best plants are kept. Weak shrubs or less than perfect ones are culled. Why waste resources on an inferior shrub? Some of the best phenotypes of these shrubs are used to provide seeds and cuttings after they are grown. In this way, the shrubs continue to get better and better over time. As the shrubs grow, they are given the optimal amount of light. Some shrubs require nurse trees to provide shade while they grow. Those shrubs are put in and around other trees to nurse them until they grow into landscape ready plants. Other shrubs like a lot of light, so they get lots of light.

Because we grow our shrubs in containers, they can be planted any time of year. Remove the container, plant the shrub, give it adequate water and nutrients, and watch it take off and grow deep roots. This helps it to become established quickly and to stay healthy.

All of these things together make our shrubs the healthiest in South Florida and the Caribbean. Healthy shrubs make your customers happy. Unhealthy shrubs leave holes in the landscape. They also lead to unhappy clients. Buy your shrubs here and look like a hero to your client.

Here is the list of shrubs we grow. You can search by scientific name or common name. You can request a quote to see our availability and prices.