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Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness
As a property manager for commercial and residential locations in South FL, it is my job to find quality trees for our properties. The owner of Tree world is an expert in his field. He’s honest and has extensive knowledge related to plant physiology and agricultural botany. He is truly passionate about his trees and I can only classify them as art specimens and second to none. When you visit his tree fields you will see the quality of his inventory. I waited 10 months to write this review after purchasing several ligustrum trees and Phoenix sylvestris. I wanted to make sure to provide facts after purchase. My purchase was made directly with the owner. He took his time in answering all of my questions and explained how to care for each tree after transplant. Carlos, his backhoe sub did a great job with transferring and planting. The trees remain healthy, secure, strong and beautiful as they did in the fields. I went back to purchase a few for my personal residence! Tree world is honest, owner and staff are hardworking and its an overall quality organization. Thank you for your professionalism, attention to detail and excellent service you provide!

Jorge Rodriguez
Great variety of plants and the staff is awesome. Anyone looking for great customer service should definitely look here. Ask for sally. She was great and helped us with everything.