The Eugenia Species

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The Eugenia Species include the White Stopper, Redberry Stopper, Spanish

Stopper, and Red Stopper. Eugenia species are native to Florida, and they are

small, erect, and attractive evergreen/shrub trees. These stoppers thrive under

different ranges of soils, and their fruits are very enticing to birds, making these

stoppers great to grow near a feeder or bird bath.

Myrcianthes fragans is the best known of all stoppers known also as the Simpson

Stopper. This stopper is the most cold tolerant tree out of all the stoppers. It has

a gorgeous flaking bark, and fragrant white flowers as well as the ripe orange-red

berries that follow. Simpson stoppers prefer neutral to slightly alkaline soil, but

are very adaptable to any.


Why are they named STOPPER, you might ask? This name was derived from

the use of it’s leaves to make tea to stop the runs. We also like to think they’re

called “stoppers” because they are truly SHOW-STOPPING! Come see them




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