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Two Perfect Garden Additions To Your Garden

Locustberry Byrsonima lucida

Looking for a new garden additions? Let us know what’s your favorite Florida native plant? And if you’re drawing a blank, then we can help you. Not only are these native plants a beautiful addition to any garden, as they provide a sense of place. Below you will find two perfect additions to your garden:

<h2>Byrsonima Lucida (Locust Berry) </h2>

garden additions locust berry

Locust Berry is a Florida native small tree or shrub, typically 5 – 15 feet tall, but can grow taller. Moreover, it has an irregular, round or with a flat top, moderately dense crown.

Displaying, trunks which are usually short, with numerous ascending branches; bark thin, pale brown. Often a host to epiphytes.

Furthermore, leaves are green or blue-green, evergreen, opposite or sub opposite; leathery, smooth, glossy above but dull below and 1 – 1 1/2 inches long. And flowers borne in clusters, showy blooms change color from white to pink to crimson, and attract butterflies.

Moreover, fruits are round, 1/2 inch long, pea-size, fleshy, green ripening to red and attract birds. Fruits are edible and persist on the tree.

The plant is grown from seed. Bark and fruits have medicinal use. Locust berry adapts to different types of well-drained soils; and it benefits from pruning. Pests usually don’t represent a problem.

<h2>Coccothrinax Argentata (Florida Silver Palm, Silver Thatch Palm)</h2>

garden additions Coccothrinax Argentata (Silver Palm)

Our next recommendation is the Florida Silver Palm, which is but one of about 50 species of coccothrinax palms originating from the West Indian region. And as it’s common names describes it, the species name argentata means silvery.Its native habitat is pine rock lands and coastal hammocks; wild palms are threatened and rare in the wild in Florida.

Furthermore, this palm is typically 8 feet or less in height, but it can reach 30 feet under ideal conditions. The slender trunk has its upper portion cover with webbed fibers. And, it has an open crown of large deeply divided fan-shaped leaves, up to 3 feet wide, with drooping segments.

Moreover, leaves are dark green above and silvery white below, presenting a striking appearance when they move in the wind. And, fragrant flowers are borne in white clusters, producing purple to black fruits about 3/8 inch in diameter, eaten by birds.

It can  be grown from seed. This palm does well in poorer soils providing they are well-drained and prefers open sites. And, leaves can be used to weave baskets. In landscapes, the palm is a handsome accent or specimen plant and can withstand coastal exposure to salt and wind.

<h2> More on Garden additions </h2>

For more information about our garden additions picks or any other variety on our portfolio contact us!

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