8 Things You Did Not Know About Trees

Every day we see trees and generally consider them as a common object of the landscape, but we rarely ask about them. Actually, trees are fascinating beings and there is much we can learn from them. These are 8 facts that will probably fuel your curiosity about nature:*-

1.- Many drugs come from trees

Many chemical and medical compounds come from trees. Aspirins are the most popular example. Ecstasy includes chemicals that are only found in Cinnamomum parthenoxylon, which only grows in Asia and is known as “sweet wood.”

2. A single tree can absorb the toxic gases that emit 100 cars in 1 day

Even so, the engineering of cities tends to leave less space for trees. I wish it were the opposite.

3. 22 trees are required to meet the daily oxygen demand of a person

1/2 hectare of trees produces oxygen for 18 people.

4. The Manchineel tree, native to Florida, is considered the most poisonous tree in the world
It causes painful blisters if you stay under it during the rain, it blinds you if the smoke of your burnt wood touches your eyes, it can poison the water with its leaves and it can kill you if you eat its fruits.

5. The trees cooperate for their growth

Scientists have discovered that larger, older trees share nutrients with smaller, younger trees, which then return them when they have developed. More info here.

6. Trees increase the value of property

The houses surrounded by trees are sold between 18 and 25% more expensive than the houses without trees.

7. Trees are economically important

Trees generate jobs and provide raw materials for buildings, newspapers, books and more than 15,000 forest products. Trees are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. The byproducts of the wood are converted into products such as vitamins, plastics, vanilla flavor, photographic film, toothpaste and medicines.

8. Trees make people feel good

For example, workers are more productive when they see trees along their travel routes and from the windows of their office.

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