Types Of Trees

Types Of Trees

Trees are found in nature in different shapes and sizes, all of them are part of our ecosystem that functions as a habitat for more than 140,000 species of animals and other microorganisms. They are of great importance for both humans and the environment, so it is essential to conserve and plant more tree species to maintain their quantity and preserve both the environment and the ecosystem. The trees are divided into 4 main categories: deciduous trees, evergreens, fruit trees and coniferous trees, each of which has specific characteristics that should be known.

Trees of feeble leaves

These types of trees are sometimes known as broadleaf trees because they have larger and wider leaves compared to those of coniferous trees. They are trees that disperse as they grow and have rounded shapes, unlike what happens with conifers. Deciduous trees tend to shed their leaves during the fall and the reason for this is because the larger the size of the leaf, the greater the surface area to carry out photosynthesis. Therefore, the leaves of these trees can not survive in certain climatic conditions. It is also important to mention that most of these trees are hardwood trees and consequently they are trees that are grown mainly for their valuable wood. Some of the best known types of deciduous trees include:

Red maple
Spiny Acacia
Water/Guiana Chestnut


Coniferous trees

These are trees whose leaves remain green throughout the year and only the oldest leaves are detached. They are trees that grow upwards and that have a triangular shape, are strong and resistant to different climatic conditions, although they are mostly softwood trees. Some examples of these trees include:

Bald Cypress

Slash Pine


It is a type of trees that maintain their leaves throughout the year, that is, there is no time when the tree is completely naked, as the leaves are gradually renewed. Therefore, as some fall, others grow and consequently the cup always remains dressed.

Acacia Mimosa


Fruit trees

This type of trees, as the name implies, are those that have the ability to produce fruit. This fruit is basically the ovule of the flower that has matured and inside which we find the seeds. It must also be said that these trees are classified in different ways depending on the type of fruit they produce. That is, there may be trees with tender fruits that have bone in them, as well as trees with nuts. Some of the best-known fruit trees include:


– Cherry Tree

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