Uses And Properties Of Adansonia Digitata (Baobab)

Adansonia Digitata or African Baobab

The uses and properties of Adansonia digitata or also called Baobab are varied, being the fever reduce only one example. It is used as food, since fruit is rich in fiber and has the capacity to store thousands of liters of water, which is essential for the desert habitat in which the Baobab is found. From this tree, its bark is used to make paper and ropes, the leaves to make soups, its fruit and its roots.

Medicinal use

On a medicinal level, the Baobab is used to take care of joints, regulate menstrual cycles and disorders produced during menopause. In addition to providing energy and strength, the Baobab is used as a restorative, as well as natural defense for the body. It also regulates blood pressure, intestinal transit and facilitates the function of the respiratory tract, also serves to reduce fever. The Baobab contains in its bark an alkaloid, called Adansonin, which can be used as an antidote for certain poisons.

Culinary use or homemade recipes

The Baobab has a fruit that, despite having a bitter taste, is a fantastic food with which they make refreshing drinks using their pulp and pasta since it is very rich in fiber. Baobab leaves are used to make soups and can also be consumed as vegetables. Its seeds are used to produce oil.

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