Why Do We Prune Our Trees And Shrubs?

Pruning our trees and shrubs, which has several definitions, consists essentially of removing the parts of the plant to improve health, the landscape effect or the value of the plant. Once the objectives of pruning are determined and some basic principles are understood, pruning is first and foremost a matter of common sense.

The need to prune can be reduced or eliminated by selecting the right plant for the place. Plants that could grow too large for the site, are not entirely resistant, or become unsightly with age should be used wisely and kept to a minimum in the landscape plan.

Advances in the improvement and selection of plants in the nursery industry provide a wide range of plants that require little or no pruning. However, even the most suitable garden plants often require pruning. The guidelines presented in this publication should be useful for pruning any plant.

So the pruning will be done for the following reasons:
– Shape the plant
– Maintain plant health
– Improve the quality of flowers, fruits, foliage or stems – Restrict growth

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