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Cassia Grandis

Coral Shower Tree


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Cassia Grandis tree description

Cassia Grandis (Coral Shower) tree is native to the new world tropics where it occurs in forests and open fields at low elevations. Its species name grandis refers to this cassia’s stature, which may reach a height of 60 feet. Also, the crown is umbrella-shaped and widely spread. In addition, the trunk is sturdy with smooth pale gray bark. Also, leaves are alternate, compound pinnate, 6 to 15 inches long and bright green. Its leaflets are narrow elliptical 1-2 inches long. And, flowers are borne on spikes which emerge along branches; blooms are pink to purple, fading to orange and very showy.

In addition, fruits are woody pods, green turning brown when ripe, up to 20 inches long, containing multiple seeds surrounded by a dark pulp. Propagation occurs through seeds. Livestock eat the fruit pods. Cassia Grandis (Coral Shower) wood, carao, is a good multipurpose timber and makes good charcoal and fuelwood. The pulp in the seedpod is edible and along with the roots and leaves have folk medicine uses. The tree tolerates soils which are periodically flooded.

Cassia Grandis Coral Shower Tree cultivation

Although, it requires regular pruning to maintain a uniform shape. Coral shower is a very attractive flowering tree, suitable for growth as a shade tree in gardens or parks and along avenues. It presents some litter problems when the pods drop so it is best not planted along sidewalks.

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Coral Shower Tree



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Moderate Salt Tolerance

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Moderate Drought Tolerance

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Full Sun

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