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Myrcianthes Fragrans (Simpson Stopper, Bush)Myrcianthes Fragrans (Simpson Stopper, Bush)

Myrcianthes Fragrans (Bush)


Simpson stopper bush description

Native to Florida, Myrcianthes Fragrans bush (Simpson stopper bush) is a small tree or large shrub. Which can reach a height of 20 feet. With a round crown somewhat conical , it is popular for having multiple branches and a moderate dense crown. And a  distinctive scaly mottled mottled bark that shows off a reddish color. Providing an interesting visual effect on a year-round basis.

Leaves of the Myrcianthes Fragrans bush are dark green, leathery, opposite and simple: whole, elliptical, and 1-2 inches long. And the upper surface is glossy, while the lower is dull and has a slight spicy/citrusy aroma, similar to nutmeg.

Additionally, Simpson Stopper bush flowers are borne in long stems and clusters, each of small flower has numerous spreading stamens that have the color and scent of gardenia. Fruits are round and fleshy red in color, measuring approximately 1/2 inch in diameter; these are food for birds. Both seeds and cuttings for propagation. Myrcianthes Fragrans Bush (Simpson Stopper) grows well in alkaline or sandy soils, although they occasionally occur in humid or dry soils. Learn more about soils in Florida.

Landscaping applications of Myrcianthes Fragrans bush

Although, it tolerates temperatures down to -20, this Florida Native prefers full sun to partial shade. When planning your landscape you should have in mind that the Simpson Stopper Bush look will depend also on the amount of sun it gets. As, under full sun it will form a dense crown making it a great asset for a hedge. But if the Myrcianthes Fragans is in partial shade, foliage will be less dense but on the plus side it will give a better view of the exfoliating bark.

Simpson Stopper bush is great an ornamental tree or shrub. It is easy to prune, making it a perfect asset for places that are difficult to access. Such as: parking lots, sidewalks and under power lines. Besides it makes a great specimen tree or as a nice dense hedge in full sun areas.

This species gets its name after the Florida botanist Simpson, who was the first to describe the plant; its common name apparently comes from the use of leaf tea which is to stop diarrhea.

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Additional information

Common Name

Simpson Stopper

Florida Native

Yes, FL Native


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