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200 gal Myrcianthes Fragrans (Simpson Stopper, Standard)200 gal Myrcianthes Fragrans (Simpson Stopper, Standard)

Myrcianthes Fragrans


Simpson’s Stopper — Florida Native Tree

Myrcianthes fragrans, commonly known as the Simpson’s stopper, is a popular native tree in South Florida. Beyond its native status, the Simpson’s stopper tree is known for its versatile nature, as it can be used in various landscaping designs. It can be grown as a small tree or pruned into a shrub, making it versatile for different types of gardens and spaces. It is guaranteed to draw attention in its standard single-trunk form or in its full bush form. With its multiple irregular branches and moderately dense crown, it provides an interesting visual effect.

Myrcianthes Fragrans Tree Description

Simpson’s stopper (Myrcianthes fragrans) typically grows to a height of 10–20 feet, but can reach up to 30 feet in ideal conditions. It has a moderate growth rate and can be trimmed to maintain the desired size and shape. The leaves on the Myrcianthes fragrans tree are dark green, leathery, opposite, and simple: whole, elliptical, and 1-2 inches long. The upper surface is glossy, while the lower is dull and has a slightly spicy/citrusy aroma, similar to nutmeg. The rich green color adds a lush appearance to any landscape.

It produces small, white, and fragrant flowers that are particularly attractive to bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. The bloom period is mainly in the spring and summer, but in some climates, it can occur sporadically throughout the year. Besides the Simpson’s stopper’s flowers being borne in long stems and clusters, each small flower has numerous spreading stamens that have the color and scent of gardenia.

Furthermore, the Simpson’s stopper tree also produces small, red-to-orange berries that are a favorite among local wildlife, especially birds. A hint to its second most popular common name, the twinberry tree. The fruit is also edible for humans, though it is not widely used in culinary applications.

As a native Florida tree, Myrcianthes fragrans is well-suited to the local climate and soil conditions. Native plants often require less maintenance and are more resilient to local pests and diseases compared to non-native species. It’s recommended in USDA Zones 9–11. Although it is quite tolerant of a range of temperatures, it prefers warmer climates and full sun to partial shade. Learn more about planting native trees.

Best Landscape Application for the Simpson’s Stopper Tree in Florida

When planning your landscape, keep in mind that the look of the Simpson’s stopper tree will depend on the amount of sun it gets. Under full sun, it will form a dense crown, making it a great asset for a hedge. But if the Myrcianthes fragans is in partial shade, the foliage will be less dense. On the plus side, it will give a better view of distinctive scaly mottled bark that shows off a reddish color and is quite attractive.

Proven to be a great ornamental tree or shrub, the Simpson’s stopper is easy to prune, making it a perfect asset in difficult-to-access areas such as parking lots, sidewalks, and under power lines. Besides, it makes a great accent tree or a nice dense hedge in sunny areas. But one of its outspoken allures is its irregularity, as there is no Simpson’s Stopper tree or bush that resembles the other.

The irregular growth pattern of the Myrcianthes fragans tree gives it a more natural and organic look, especially appealing in landscapes where a more natural appearance is desired. It contrasts with the often rigid and uniform shapes, creating a unique visual interest in a landscape of intriguing silhouettes that add depth and complexity to the overall design. It can be used as a focal point in a garden, part of a mixed shrub border, or even in a natural hedge. Its adaptability in shape means it can fit into various design schemes and spaces. Besides, in garden design, contrast is key, and the irregular growth of the Simpson’s Stopper provides a textural contrast to smoother, more uniform plants, making the design visually appealing and dynamic.

Simpson’s Stopper Tree for Sale at TreeWorld Wholesale

At our tree farm nursery, we have Simpson’s stopper trees and bushes for sale in multi-trunk and single-trunk (standard) forms, available in sizes from 25 to 300 gallons. For further Simpson’s stopper tree specifications, please check our chart.

If you need further product information or want to contact us regarding our portfolio, you can email us at [email protected], schedule a visit at our headquarters at 24605 SW 192 Ave., Homestead, FL 33031, or call us at 305-245-6886.

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