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Acca Sellowiana (syn. Pineapple Guava)

Pineapple Guava


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Acca sellowiana (Pineapple Guava) is a small evergreen tree or it can have multiple trunks. It grows 3 feet (91.44 cm) to 15 feet (457.2 cm) in height. In addition, in tree form, it forms a dense flat-based and rounded crown. Pineapple Guava spreads to equal its height. The pale gray bark flakes off in irregular pieces. The leathery thick green leaves are silvery underneath and opposite or sub opposite. The leaves are entire, ovate to oval, and 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) to 4 inches (10.16 cm) long.

Furthermore, the flowers are ornate, borne singly or in clusters at branch ends. Additionally, they have long red stamens with white to cream petals. Also, the blooms are aromatic and about 1 inch (2.54 cm) long. In addition, the mildly sweet pedals can be added to salads.

In addition, the fruits resemble avocados and are 0.75 inches (1.91 cm) to 3.5 inches (8.89 cm) long. The aromatic fruits are green rounded or pear-shaped with blue to green skin with a watery edible white flesh enclosing 20 or more seeds. The fruits are ripe 4 to 6 months after flowering.  Propagation can be by seed or cuttings. 

Acca Sellowiana ( Pineapple guava) is a hardy plant, as it tolerates mild frost.  It grows well in a range of well-drained soils. However, pruning is required to form a hedge or tree. Trees need post-harvest pruning to encourage new growth and subsequent fruit production.  Pineapple guava has various landscape applications in gardens, as a tree, hedge or in a planter. It functions in landscapes as an ornamental tree with striking flowers and as a fruit source.

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Florida Native

No, Not FL Native


South America

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Salt Tolerance

Moderate Salt Tolerance

Drought Tolerance

Moderate Drought Tolerance

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Slow to Moderate Growth Rate

Light Requirements

Full Sun to Partial Shade

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