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Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii also known as Paroutis or Everglade Palms at TreeWorld WholesaleAcoelorrhaphe Wrightii also known as Paroutis or Everglade Palms at TreeWorld Wholesale

Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii

Paurotis Palm

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Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii (Paurotis Palm) is native to the southern tip of Florida, the West Indies, and Central America. Paurotis is a clustering fan palm, in nature it forms dense thickets in areas of damp sandy soils or brackish swamps. In addition, the palm has slender trunks covered with a fibrous sheath, up to 30 feet tall, and an open crown of palmate leaves 2 feet (60.96 cm) to 3 feet (91.44 cm) in diameter. Moreover, the green leaves are silver below.

The divided leaves into segments and borne on thin leaf stalks up to 3 feet (91.44 cm) As a result, the leaf edges have sharp orange teeth. It bears small fruits, 1/2 inch in diameter, orange and black in color. The Acoelorrhaphe Wrightii (Paurotis Palm) is suited to coastal locations. This palm is ideal for reclamation planting or as a specimen tree. It is perfect around buildings and in highway medians. Moreover, it provides an attractive contrast to solitary garden plants. Once established the palm is quite hardy and it is frost tolerant. The dense spiny foliage provides an effective tall barrier hedge; it is easily trimmed. It commonly propagates by the removal of suckers or from seed.

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Florida Native

Yes, FL Native


Florida, Central America, West Indies

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Moderate Salt Tolerance

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Moderate Drought Tolerance

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Slow Growth Rate

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Full Sun



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