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Capparis Flexuosa

Limber Caper


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Capparis Flexuosa (Limber Caper) shares characteristics with Jamaican Caper. It is a Florida native found in coastal thickets and hammock margins. It is a small tree, shrub or vine and can reach 20 feet (6.1 m) in height and has an irregularly-shaped crown. Also, its leaves are evergreen, simple, oblong,  and 2 to 4 inches long with an orange-colored leaf stem that resembles bay leaves. Unlike, Jamaican Caper, the leaf undersides are smooth.

Also, the showy pinkish white flowers are borne on twig ends and are fragrant with extended stamens 1.5 inches long. Insect pollinators are attracted to the plant. The flowers are more conspicuous than on the Jamaican Caper. The fruits are bean-like capsules, green maturing to brown, constricted between the white seeds and surrounded by a red pulp. The capsules measure up to 6 inches (15.24 cm) long. Also, birds eat the seeds, and serve for propagation purposes.

Capparis Flexuosa (Limber Caper) grows well in moist sandy or limestone soils with good drainage and some organic matter. In landscaping, it is an attractive accent plant with its glossy green leaves and unusual flowers. You can also use it as a barrier plant in shrub form as it responds well to pruning.

Additional information

Common Name

Limber Caper

Flowering Season


Salt Tolerance

Low Salt Tolerance

Drought Tolerance

High Drought Tolerance

Growth Rate

Moderate Growth Rate

Light Requirements

Full Sun

Flower Color

Pink, White

Plant Type



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