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Silk floss tree for sale FloridaSilk floss tree for sale Florida

Chorisia Speciosa

Floss Silk Tree


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Floss silk tree description

The Chorisia Speciosa (Floss Silk) is a large tree, reaching up to 60 feet (18.29 m) in height. Furthermore, it has large irregular horizontal branches and a dense crown of leaves. Initially, it has a conical shape, becoming a broadly spreading “umbrella-like” crown with age.

Also, the bulbous swollen trunk has green bark, becoming gray with age. The bark has blunt, warty, triangular spines, which are also on the branches. In addition, the light green leaves are a palmate compound with 5 to 7 leaflets. Each leaflet is lance-shaped and about 5 inches (12.7 cm) long; they fall just before flowering.

In addition, the pink and creamy white in the center flowers of floss silk tree are funnel-shaped. The blooms are 4 to 6 inches (15.24 cm) in diameter and showy. Butterflies and other insects are attracted to the flowers for pollination. Moreover, fruits are woody, ovoid pods, about 8 inches (20.32 cm) long, filled with fluffy dirty-white fibers and bean-sized black seeds.

Chorisia Speciosa tree cultivation

Outside the tropics, the floss silk tree seldom sets seeds. For propagation, use tip cuttings. The floss is a substitute for true kapok tree, which yields an edible oil from the seeds. In cultivation, floss silk trees need well-drained soils and regular watering for full flowering. Its unusual trunk, branches, attractive leaves and spectacular flowers make this an ideal choice as a specimen plant. Chorisia Speciosa (Floss Silk) is ideal for public open spaces, large gardens, or conservatories. It also does well in planters or in xerophytic gardens.

Other names: Ceiba Speciosa

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Additional information

Common Name

Floss Silk Tree

Florida Native

No, Not FL Native


Argentina, Brazil, Brazil, Argentina

Flowering Season


Salt Tolerance

Moderate Salt Tolerance

Drought Tolerance

High Drought Tolerance

Growth Rate

Fast Growth Rate

Light Requirements

Full Sun

Flower Color



Wide Canopy

Plant Type

Deciduous, Evergreen, Foliage


25 gal., 45 gal., 65 gal., 100 gal., 200 gal., 300 gal.