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200 Gal - Coccoloba Uvifera - Sea Grape - Multitrunk200 Gal - Coccoloba Uvifera - Sea Grape - Multitrunk

Coccoloba Uvifera Bush

Sea Grape


Coccoloba Uvifera Bush Description

Coccoloba Uvifera Bush (Sea grape) is a medium-sized tree or shrub, it reaches a height of 25 – 30 feet, or taller. The crown is variable in shape depending upon location, but is typically multi-trunked with a vase shape, a moderately dense crown and spreading as wide as the tree is tall.

Furthermore, branches tend to droop as tree ages; and it has attractive smooth, pale gray, mottled bark peeling off in thin plates. Leaves are green, shiny, alternate, simple, entire, nearly circular and 8 – 12 inches long. Also, Coccoloba Uvifera male and female flowers are white to ivory, borne on separate trees; blooms are small, 1/8 inch or less, on short stalks, arranged in long narrow clusters up to 12 inches long and unscented. They contain much nectar which attracts bees, butterflies and other insects.

Consequently, fruits on female trees replace the flower clusters and are fleshy, elliptical or egg-shaped, about 3/4 inch long, green ripening to purple. Also, fruits attract birds and mammals and are edible, although sour; they are more palatable as juice, jelly or wine.

Coccoloba Uvifera Sea Grape Cultivation

Sea grape grows best in moist well-drained soil. It benefits from pruning. The attractive foliage, bark, flowers and fruits make Coccoloba Uvifera Bush (Sea grape)an excellent choice in seaside landscaping, its natural habitat. It can be grown as a tree or screening hedge. Also suitable for parks and gardens, in a large planter and conservatory; as well as in a native plant or xerophytic garden.

Also, litter from fruits and leaves of female trees requires some maintenance efforts; we recommend no to plant male trees along walkways to avoid the fruit fall problem.

Propagation is by seed or cuttings.

Other names: Bay Grape

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Additional information

Common Name

Sea Grape

Florida Native

Yes, FL Native


South Florida, Caribbean

Flowering Season


Salt Tolerance

High Salt Tolerance

Drought Tolerance

High Drought Tolerance

Light Requirements

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Flower Color




Plant Type

Deciduous, Evergreen


25 gal., 45 gal., 65 gal., 100 gal., 200 gal., 300 gal.