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podocarpus gracillor - weeping-podocarpus - 45 gallonspodocarpus gracillor - weeping-podocarpus - 45 gallons

Podocarpus Gracillor


Podocarpus gracillor (Weeping Podocarpus) is an evergreen dioecious conifer that features a beautiful, weeping fern-like foliage. Claiming to be one of the prettiest weeping trees in South Florida.

The drooping branches full of soft-textured foliage can touch the ground, appearing as masses of foliage emerging from the earth. Nonetheless, with some trimming, the dense symmetrical oval crown forms a round vase shape, which is enough to cast dense shade.

Flowering and Foliage

The Podocarpus Gracillor (Weeping Podocarpus) grows to an average maximum height of 50 feet, with dense pendant branches that guarantee the attractive drooping appearance. As well as a maximum spread of up to 25′ feet.

Leaves are soft, gray-green, and narrow. With an opposite or subopposite leaf arrangement. They create a soft, graceful effect. That features lush foliage that has a fern-like appearance. As the Offering a lovely color and a soft, cloud-like display. And, although tiny spring flowers make a shy appearance, followed by purple berries (on female plants), they are not very showy. Berries are edible and attract birds.

Landscape Application 

Aside from being a wonderful shade tree for landscape perimeters, it has proven to be a great addition for urban settings. The dazzling gray-green complements glass-sided structures beautifully, especially when reflected on a breezy, sunny day.

It also makes a great year-round screen on property lines. The handsome and hardy Podocarpus gracillor makes an exceptional low-maintenance shrub. There are no pests or diseases that cause major concern. The Podocarpus gracillor (Weeping Podocarpus) results in a very durable, low-maintenance option. And Florida is tolerant of dry soils. Growing in full sun or partial shade, it will withstand a wide range of well-drained soils.

The Podocarpus gracillor (Weeping Podocarpus) is versatile; either as a hedge, privacy screen, or for lining a walk or driveway, it works great. It also makes a good camouflage plant, architectural accent, or backdrop for smaller plants. Aside from being great for shade along a porch, deck, or patio.