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Tree loadings and tree tagging is our average weekly task, and we cannot lie. We love it. And furthermore, we must say this is something special about our work. The moment when our clients call us or stop by our tree farms at Homestead, Florida talking about their new projects is exciting. As we like to call them, they have a canvas ready to be filled with the stars of the field; shrubs, hedges, accent trees, native trees, shade trees, and even some exotic trees ready to stand out.

tree loading Lorito Tree

TreeWorld – Your Best Tree Source

And is that with over 300+ tree varieties on our portfolio, we have plenty of options for a client to choose from! So, when someone rings our bell, we make sure they have our utmost attention as we guide them through our tree nurseries.

If you’ve ever stopped by you must’ve already been in one of our two main tree farms…”272” and “264” guarding our diverse specimen trees (100, 200, and 300 gallons) kapoks, baobabs, ficus species, etc. While over at the “Stilt House,” Office Barn,” “276,” and “207” we have those who with love and patience train our newcomers (25, 45, and 65 gallons) of most of our tree material. Meanwhile, at each location, we have a “hedge specialist” who like engineers come around with innovative ideas for different types of hedges that will guarantee success. Finally, in our main office, close to our hearts, our greenhouse (where the magic starts) and where our champions, including our favorite blue bloomers the Guaiacum Sanctum and Guaiacum Officinale…the trees of life!


But we know this could mean nothing without our clients, they are the ones who have confided in us, TreeWorld to become part of their projects. More than a price request, a tree exchange for each project represents an adventure and one we are very proud. So when the tree selection process begins; we are grateful to become part of the process.

A busy tree loading week

Just last week we got to work with over 3 projects. And after days full of work we couldn’t be more thankful!

With Grasshopper Landscaping we went wild with a 200-gallon Floss Silk (Chorisia Speciosa) and Yellow Royal Poinciana (Delonix Regia Var. Flavida). Along with a 300 gallon- Bridalveil tree (Caesalpinia Granadillo), Apple Blossom Cassia (Cassia Javanica), Purple Trumpet tree and some Silver Buttonwoods.

Then, with Hector Castillo Plant Services. We tree loaded a couple of the most handsome foliage, Garcinia Spicata best known as Mangosteen for an upcoming project.

While with Santana’s Farm we are working with 100 and 65-gallon Callophyllum Brasiliensis (Brazil Beauty leaf); both  single to multi-trunk Clusia Rosea best known as pitch apple.

Following along with Luxe Elan Design. We got to load 300-gallon Lorito Trees that are bound to provide shade in Coral Gables. While, with Carmi’s Nursery Corp we got around 45-gallon Guaiacum Sanctum and an Apple Blossom Tree (Cassia Javanica).

Counting our luck and our blessing we can only be grateful and thankful for walking up to TreeWorld; every day excited with what’s to come. So, if you have an upcoming project looking for some trees and are ready for some tree tagging here; we are open from 8 to 5 ready to receive you! At TreeWorld your best tree source located in Homestead, Florida. Contact us or call us at (305) 968-2427!