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There are some trees that don’t get mentioned as much until you see them under the right light. And this was precisely what happened to me recently when I crushed for the second time on the Pseudobombax Ellipticum; best known as the shaving brush tree. During dawn by the garden, with the stroke of the first sun rays to light up its sculptural smooth, green to gray trunk with highly irregular branches only left to discover their long stem flowers in shades of white and pink, that appeared as the silver lining of the day.

shaving brush tree flower

With a true resemblance  to the true bombax (kapok) tree, Ceiba Pentandra. The shaving brush tree can reach a height of about 50 feet. It prefers good soil with regular watering, it loves full sun and spring-time. Is considered one fast growing trees for south florida and definitely one of the best Caribbean trees FL. (Native to Central American and Mexico)

Best Caribbean trees FL

Flowering pink and white, this deciduous beauty will make an excellent addition to your landscape project!

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