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One Stop Shopping for Palms in South Florida and the Caribbean

Get all your South Florida and Caribbean palm tree needs met at our place

TreeWorld Wholesale grows and sells all of the Florida native palms under cultivation as well as a large number of the more than 250 species of palms from around the world. Whether your landscaping project needs a large specimen palm or several smaller palms, you can get them here.

One of the biggest headaches for landscapers is having to source the plants they need. Who has time to run all over the region trying to find just the right palm tree?

Instead, come to our place. We have practically any palm you need for your landscape in the size you need it. One stop shopping versus running all over the region.

Spend more of your time landscaping and less of your time getting ready to landscape.

Here is the list of palms that we grow. You can search by scientific name or common name. You can request a quote to see our availability and prices.