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South Florida and Caribbean trees ready for the landscape

The best place to find sustainably raised trees for your landscape project.

A tree takes a long journey from seed or cutting to a finished, landscape worthy winner. That journey begins when our tree scouts search the forests and other places trees grow in South Florida, the Caribbean, and select other places. When they find a healthy tree of a species they are looking for, they are careful to gather seed sustainably. Only part of the available seed is taken, so that birds and animals that eat those seeds have enough to eat. Ample seed is left for the tree to successfully reproduce, too.

For trees that are tough to grow from seed, our tree scouts do air layering so that they get rooted babies ready to grow out. Wild trees are never left worse off than they were before our tree scouts found them.

Both seeds and rooted cuttings are carefully planted in our special mix of growing medium. They are given the right nutrients for the tree, kept at the right pH, and carefully watered. When the trees reach landscape size, they are sold to landscapers like yourself. Because they are in a container, the mortality rate of our trees is very small. In fact, most trees take off after planting and never look back.

Here is the list of trees we grow. You can search by scientific name or common name. You can request a quote to see our availability and prices.