Uses Of Trees

Uses Of The Trees

Some of the uses of the trees give us wood and paper. But most ignore that aspirin – now synthesized in the laboratory. – But had its origin in the white willow, when in 1829 a French pharmacist, Pierre-Joseph Leroux, gather extract from it the salicin, its main component.

<h2>Uses of Trees: Medicine</h2>

Or that the tree is also an ally in the fight against cancer. Taxol (paclitaxel), an anticancer agent to treat tumors; specially of the breast, ovary, lung, bladder, prostate, esophagus and also against melanoma and Kaposi’s sarcoma. Created in 1968 from a compound extracted from the bark of the yew of the Pacific (Taxus brevifolia); a conifer that grows on the northwest Pacific coast of the United States.

There is also another large number of natural remedies that are from flowers, leaves, resin or latex trees. Including diuretics, relaxing and vasodilators.

<h2>Shade and Moisture for the environment</h2>