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Specimen Acacia Xanthophloea for saleSpecimen Acacia Xanthophloea for sale

Acacia Xanthoploea

Acacia Xanthoploea Fever Tree


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Acacia Xanthoploea tree description

Acacia Xanthophloea is a medium to large African tree. It’s fast-growing but short-lived.  It can reach 45 feet (13.72 m) to 75 feet (22.86 m) in height. It develops a semi spreading vase-like crown (with branching occurring up the trunk). Its smooth bark is yellowish to greenish and slightly flaky.

Although, the species name means “yellow bark” the new twigs are purple-tinged. Pairs of straight white spines, 3 inches (7.62 cm) to 4 inches (10.16 cm) long, are borne at branch nodes. The bipinnate leaves are green, up to 4 inches (10.16 cm) long, with a hairy midrib. Its small leaflets are about 3/8 inches to 4 inches (10.16 cm). Its flowers are borne in clusters on a slender stalk forming a golden ball of fragrant blooms. Acacia’s fragrant blooms attract bees and other insects. Several clusters occur with a tuft of leaves and thorns. Fruits are straight papery pods grayish-brown when mature. Fruit pods are 2 inches (5.08 cm) to 8 inches (20.32 cm) long. Each pod contains 5 to 10 seeds that are used for propagation purposes.

Cultivation of Vachellia Xanthophloea tree

Furthermore, Livestock and wild animals feed on the foliage and the pods. The fever tree prefers sandy well-drained soils. It develops a deep taproot and is a hardy tree that can tolerate frost. In Africa, it’s grown for its wood and for fuel. In landscape cultivation, it is a well-shaped decorative tree with feathery foliage and colorful flower clusters. Also, consider using it as a street, specimen, or accent tree, it can also serve for boundary planting. 

Other names: syn. Vachellia Xanthophloea

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