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Pigeon Plum (Coccoloba Diversifoli for Sale)Pigeon Plum (Coccoloba Diversifoli for Sale)

Coccoloba Diversifolia

Pigeon plum


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Pigeon plum description

Coccoloba Diversifolia (Pigeon plum) is a  medium sized tree or shrub, commonly reaching a height of 25 feet, but can grow taller.  Additionally, it has a symmetrical round or vase-shap dense crown with upright branches. The branches spread to a width equaling its height and is often multi-trunk. It also has a very attractive grayish mottled bark that peels off in broad flakes as it ages.

The evergreen leaves are dark green, alternate, simple, entire, oblong to ovate, leathery and about 4 inches long. Furthermore, the whitish-green flowers are small but abundant.

Coccoloba Diversifolia cultivation and fruits

The flowers are borne in 2 to 3 inch long terminal clusters. While the blooms are about 3/16 inches across. Male and female flowers are borne on separate trees. Furthermore, the fruits on the female Coccoloba Diversifolia trees are borne in clusters and are small, oval to round, about 1/2 inch in diameter, with a thin flesh and single seed. Birds and animals are attracted to the fruits, which are edible but sour. The fruits are a common ingredient to make juice, jelly and wine.

Also, Coccoloba Diversifolia (Pigeon plum) will grow on moist well-drained soils and is quite hardy. In landscaping, it is an excellent candidate for narrow areas such as sidewalks, medians, parking lots, shorelines or suitable to provide shade in patios. It requires pruning to shape it into a tree and to control growth. One of its best applications is as a multi-trunk shrub to provide a sturdy privacy hedge.

Propagation through seeds and cuttings; and fruit litter is a problem along walkways.

Other Names: Coccoloba Laurifolia

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Additional information

Common Name

Pigeon Plum

Florida Native

Yes, FL Native


South Florida, Caribbean

Flowering Season


Salt Tolerance

High Salt Tolerance

Drought Tolerance

High Drought Tolerance

Growth Rate

Slow to Moderate Growth Rate

Light Requirements

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Flower Color




Plant Type



25 gal., 45 gal., 65 gal., 100 gal., 200 gal., 300 gal.