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Euphorbia Punicea (Jamaican Poinsettia)Euphorbia Punicea (Jamaican Poinsettia)

Euphorbia Punicea

Jaimaican Poinsettia


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Euphorbia Punicea tree description

Euphorbia Punicea (Jamaican Poinsettia) is a small tree or shrub, which is closely related to and resembles the very familiar Christmas flower. As a tree, Jamaican poinsettia grows to a height of 10 to 15 feet; Branching out into a rounded, sparse crown. The stems are rubbery, semi-succulent, and green to pale brown. Bearing prominent marks of fallen leaves. The stems exude a milky latex if injured, which is a skin irritant, but also a traditional medicine to treat ringworm. Leaves are clustered at the ends of its stems and are oblong, leathery in appearance. They are usually dark green, or evergreen in color. Although, drought or cool weather may cause leaf fall.

Euphorbia Punicea (Jamaican Poinsettia) cultivation

Euphorbia Punicea (Jamaican Poinsettia) showy flowers, actually red (but variable in color) bracts and small yellow flowers, are framed by the shiny green longer leaves giving it a striking appearance. It’s flowers attract butterflies. Small green fruits pop open when ripe. This plant propagates by cuttings. Jamaican poinsettias can be grown in poor soils, providing they are well-drained, and are excellent as a garden accent or specimen plant. Additionally, they can be used as a potted plant in or outdoors. As a shrub, it can also be grown as a barrier plant.

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Additional information

Common Name

Jaimaican Poinsettia

Florida Native

No, Not FL Native



Flowering Season


Salt Tolerance

Moderate Salt Tolerance

Drought Tolerance

Moderate Drought Tolerance

Light Requirements

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Flower Color


Plant Type


Growth Rate

Slow Growth Rate


25 gal., 25 gal. bush, 45 gal., 45 gal bush, 65 gal., 65 gal. bush, 100 gal., 100 gal . bush, 200 gal. bush, 200 gal., 300 gal. bush, 300 gal.