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Senna Siamea (KASSOD TREE)Senna Siamea (KASSOD TREE)

Senna Siamea


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Senna siamea (Kassod Tree) is an evergreen tree that grows up to 60 feet tall. And, has a short, straight trunk covered with grey or light brown bark, with slight fissures as it ages. The crown is typically dense and round when the tree is young. However, it becomes irregular and spreading with drooping branches as it matures. Also it tends to develop a deep dense root system.

Moreover, leaves are alternate, compound pinnate, 9-13 inches long, with 6-12 pairs of slender leaflets on short stalks, which are oblong, round and 1 – 2 1/2 x 1/2 – 3/4 inches. Flower clusters are upright, borne at branch ends, 8-12 inches in length bearing numerous yellow blooms 1 1/4 inch across.

Furthermore, the fruits are long, narrow, dark brown flat pods 2 -10 inches long containing numerous bean-like seeds, which are used for propagation. Senna siamea (Kassod Tree) wood is black-brown, hard and durable and has various uses as posts, beams, as well as in cabinetry. The leaves and bark contain tannin. In south Asia, young fruits and leaves are consumed as vegetables after being cooked in water to remove toxins. Ruminant livestock eat the leaves and pods.

The tree prefers deep well-drained soils where the roots can access groundwater. The tree is helps with erosion control, land reclamation and in intercropping. As an ornamental, the foliage and colorful flowers of Kassod make it a desirable accent or specimen tree, with the right pruning it makes a great hedge.

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