…The End Of TreeWorld Wholesale

TreeWorld Wholesale. On Thursday October 6th, 2016 south Florida was preparing for a powerful category 4 Hurricane; with winds up to 140 miles per hour- Hurricane Matthew. Most Floridians went to the stores to stock up their emergency list, preparing themselves with enough groceries and essentials  for 3 days. Including the basics: water, food and necessities like flashlights.

In the neighborhoods, families could not be outside their homes, or they where putting shutters on the windows; and trimming palm tree leaves and trimming down “over-grown” trees. Gas stations were full and some even out of Gas…it was “pre-panic” mode as most residents in the area recalled the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

<h2> TreeWorld Wholesale preparing itself</h2>

Meanwhile, my TreeWorld staff prepared for the hurricane in a different manner. Many of them visiting the halls of trees, while wondering if it would be the last time to see the tree farm as it stood. Fearing that they would lose the job that has been putting food on the table for the last 15 years; and helping to put their first generation college kids through school.

As I vividly recall… some of the employees here started with a limited amount of agricultural knowledge. Yet, over time and with their hours of field work; our employees grew with their working knowledge of agriculture. And, now they can pick seeds from the very trees we set years ago, prepare the soil according to the tree’s needs; and plant them to later watch them sprout seamlessly.

It has been very gratifying to watch their knowledge and love for trees expand as their understanding of their medicinal and general benefits are an everyday discovery materi