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The True Value of a Tree: Battling Climate Change Amid Rising Costs

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It’s no secret that climate change is unrelenting, casting an especially potent spell over regions like Florida. Big winds, heavy storms, and harsh heat are messing things up. Amid this harsh climate, tree farm nurseries like TreeWorld Wholesale are shouldering a tremendous burden. We’re on the frontlines of the fight against climate change, knowing well that trees are our strongest allies in restoring ecological balance. But as tree nurseries in general struggle to make strides, other considerations such as operational costs and strained resources must be considered.

Becoming a complex story that often remains untold when clients question the price of a tree. Clients often don’t see the whole picture or the real value of a tree they purchase.

What challenges tree farm nurseries are facing right now

To have a brief context, we need to talk about what’s happening right now on the Florida peninsula. As it is well-known, global warming has led to increased average temperatures, which affect us in many ways as a tree farm nursery. Some of the main implications include: reduced growth rates, increased water needs, and heightened vulnerability to pests and diseases, which also affect costs of tree planiting. Moreover, Florida is particularly vulnerable to sea-level rise, which leads to more frequent saltwater intrusion, affecting the quality of water available for irrigation. This, in turn, causes salt stress, especially in trees not adapted to saline conditions.

Not to mention, strong winds and hurricanes have become more frequent and hit harder every time, leaving damaged plants and, in some cases, destruction. While heavy rainfall, which normally leads to flooding, seems to occur more frequently. It’s also worth noting that, while we are used to specific wet and dry seasons, climate change has resulted in unpredictable rainfall patterns, forcing tree farm nurseries to accommodate and respond more quickly to these events.

Finally, the high temperatures affect our trees directly, leading to reduced efficiency, sunburn, increased irrigation needs, and even a shift in plant hardiness zones. Affecting the viable trees for the region and endangering some species.

With the above in mind, we are going to try to explain why the business of trees is not as easy as many think it is. Understanding the true price of a tree is a little bit more complicated than basic costs. The value of a tree goes far beyond that, and here is why and how it has shifted lately!

Growing trees: the business of time

guiacum officinale how much is a tree worth timeline

Tree farm nurseries are in the business of time, something unusual in today’s fast-paced world where immediacy is prized and patience is overlooked. Unlike most industries, there are no instant results or shortcuts for our trees. Trees don’t sprout overnight. When you visit a tree nursery, remember that at our core lies an intricate dance between time, care, and patience. Trees require years of nurturing, making it a long-term investment business.

In many ways, we take our time seriously so you can enjoy the tree that fits your landscape dream, that provides proper shade, flowers in the right season, and provides its owner with its natural charm. But with surging storms, along with other immediate threats, our losses have risen, and it has affected both the cost of planting a tree and our balance. On some occasions, our trees don’t reach their holistic objective.

So, every time you walk into a nursery, you should keep this close to your heart!

This is what we strive to deliver:

And, nowadays, this is our most underlying reality.

And remember that each tree lost to a storm not only means a dip in potential revenue but also necessitates additional resources to compensate for the damage, thereby escalating costs for tree planting. We loose more than trees: straps, wooden poles, tree stakes, wire cables, irrigation parts, cables, containers, etc.

what is the value of a tree and the impact of storms

Other costs of tree planting: Manpower

Furthermore, tree farm nurseries are not systemized. AI can’t do our jobs for us; we still rely on and love that our business model depends on manpower, on their knowledge, strength, and hard work. However, it’s obvious that the increased frequency of destructive storms. Triggered by climate change, necessitates additional labor to maintain and restore the health of our nurseries. Post-disaster cleanups have become a recurring expenditure that significantly adds to the cost of nurturing trees. As a result, this additional cost to the nursery, in some way, ends up being transferred to the price of the tree. 

The true value of a tree: trees are not mere expenses!

Moving away from the concept of cost and price, with trees, we need to focus on their value, and this goes beyond the tangible. This is not a regular market; with every tree planted, we have an investment. So, what is the true value of a tree?

Energy Efficiency

For instance, they’re valuable investments that significantly increase a property’s value and contribute to energy efficiency. Trees can enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of a property. Mature, well-maintained trees can significantly increase a property’s market value. According to research from the US Forest Service, “A well-landscaped property with full-grown or mature trees can substantially boost a home’s market value. Each mature tree adds somewhere between $1,000 and $10,000 to a property’s value.”

If trees are strategically planted, they become assets that contribute to energy savings. They provide shade during the summer and act as windbreaks during the colder season. Which leads to reduced energy costs for cooling and heating. And over time, these savings can be significant. In some cases, according to the US Forest Service, trees cut energy efficiency costs by up to 25% — a substantial amount over time.

Carbon Credits

Furthermore, trees are oxygen providers that add to carbon credits, a growing currency nowadays. With the increasing emphasis on combating climate change, carbon trading markets have emerged. Trees sequester carbon dioxide as they grow. Homeowners and organizations can earn carbon credits for maintaining or planting trees, which add value and offset carbon emissions. A concept which has been managed nationwide is now becoming a local trend. And you can even find tools online that estimate the carbon and energy impact of trees, like ecoSmart Landscapes, which calculate present and future carbon and energy impacts of existing and planned trees.

Finally, and perhaps stating the obvious, trees contribute to health and well-being. Trees have numerous positive impacts on human health. Green spaces contribute to reducing stress and promoting physical activity.

how much is a tree worth

So, the next time you see a tree or visit a nursery and wonder: “How much is a tree worth?”, it’s important to look beyond the price tag. As we’ve explained, trees are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they are our future and offer a host of benefits. So, choosing the right tree is the best investment.

A vital role of Tree Farm Nurseries in our community

The concluding thoughts could underline the paradox we face – trees are crucial to mitigating long-term climatic disasters, yet in the immediate term, they need protection against the very disasters they can help prevent. It’s a daunting task that necessitates significant investment in time, care, and resources.

By unpacking the costs behind the price tag of a tree. We hope to shed light on the central role of nurseries like ours in paving the way towards a sustainable future. We bear the cost of tree planting today, so our children can live in a greener tomorrow.

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