Tree Buds And Their Role

Tree Buds And Their Role

A tree bud is a botanical term referring to newly developing shoots which appears at the tip of a stem or in the leaf axil; mainly on the upper area where the leaf stem joins the branch. They are in charge of producing the  flower or a shoot.

<h2> Tree Buds: Defensive Methods </h2>

Reason why, tree buds may be under the protection of scales; or by leaves to protect the delicate organ.  Many times the scales in turn exude a gummy substances which serves as a repellant to some insects and birds. In other tree species, the buds are bare, and their protection mechanism is being excessively hairy.

When buds develop, the scales fall off leaving a scar on the growing stem. On a young tree branch, it is possible to determine the age of a young branch by observing the number of annual leaf scar series present.

Buds may develop incompletely and remain dormant for a time, in anticipation of spring or the start of the rainy season; when environmental conditions are favorable to resume growth. In temperate areas with  regular seasons, tree leaf and flo