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Amphitecnia Latifolia, Uses and Applications

Amphitecna latifolia

The Amphitecnia Latifolia (Black Calabash) a small tree or shrub of variable height and spread, depending on growth form. It has gray, rough furrowed bark. Calabash is a general term referring to gourds, which are typically dry and common as water vessels. It is a popular home garden tree in the tropics, and keeps a close relation with the crescentia species. As, for landscaping, this evergreen tree is an excellent choice for a seaside garden. Although its also a great buffer in parking lots; as it also makes a good wind barrier or is privacy hedges.

Amphitecnia Latifolia (Black Calabash)45 gal

But its uses an application don’t stop there, among them we can mention the following:

Agroforestry: As trees in paddocks (shelter and shade for livestock), live fences, boundary delimitation and home gardens.

Ecological: Stabilization of dunes, protection of estuarine ecosystems and recovery of coastal wastelands.

Industrial: Popular for its high density, resistant to rotting hard wood. It is widely common to use it in small elements such as tool handles, sports instruments, etc.

The fruits are perfect to make crafts and musical instruments (güiras, churucas, maracas). And the pulp of the same is edible, although somewhat insipid. The seeds can be roasted, ground and with them a drink with a chocolate-like flavor is prepared. Additionally, the trees of this species are part of arboriculture projects.

Medicinal: The Amphitecnia Latifolia has anodyne, antiphlogistic, astringent, diuretic properties; and popular in cases of headache, fever and dropsy.

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