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Jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus)

The Jaca (jackfruit) is the largest, under cultivation in the world, reaching 35 kg in weight, up to 80 cm in length and 40 in diameter. The outside of the fruit is green or yellow when it is ripe. And, the interior consists of large yellow edible bulbs; which includes an oval, light brown seed. There may be 100 or even 500 seeds in a single fruit.

Artocarpus Heterophyllus (Jackfruit)

When ripe, the jackfruit without being open, emits an unpleasant and strong smell, resembling rotting onions. While the pulp, when the fruit is open resembles that of pineapple and banana. There are two main varieties, in one, the fruits have small carpels, fibrous, soft, heavy, but very sweet; with a texture similar to raw oysters. And the other variety is crisp and almost crunchy, this form is the most important commercially and it’s tastier to the western hemisphere.


Its main use is for consumption in fresh or international cuisine, boiled, fried, or roasted green fruit. The pieces are cooked in lightly salted water in order to serve them. The only disadvantage is the gummy latex that accumulates in utensils and hands, unless it is  first rubbed with cooking oil. The seeds can also be boiled or roasted and eaten as chestnuts.

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